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Everything You Need to make your business grow and shine

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Social Media Management

Let's tell your story out there through your social media to build your image, get a community around you and improve your sales.
I offer personalized social media strategies that are in harmony with the rest of your online presence and that reflect the way you are offline.

Content Creation

I create content that shows your potential in 
an interactive and eye-catching way.
Photography for food and food products.
I also offer recipe development and food styling.

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Influencer Marketing

During my years in business, I had the luck to know many people passionate about the local food scene and create great relationships with them.
Happy to plan with you influencer campaigns, competitions and events to promote your business and create brand awareness.

1 to 1 training

If you feel you want to manage your social media but need some help on how to do it,

I offer one-to-one training sessions on different marketing topics.

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