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About me


Social Media Manager-

Business Owner- Food Lover


It is this combination of things that made me open Basil and wine_agency,

an agency focused to help businesses in the hospitality sector grow.

I opened my coffee shop, Accento Cafe, in 2015 and from there it started

also my love for social media.

I studied marketing during the years I had my business and I applied everything I learned to create a community around me and to also improve my sales.

In the last year I worked as a freelance with different businesses in London and Glasgow offering services of digital strategy, content creation and food photography.

I love teaching what I know and one to one sessions are among my favourite things.

Italian food obsessed, I develop recipes for fun but also for my clients and I started to

collaborate with different brands based in UK.


I know how hard being a business owner can be and how many thoughts you have in your head- let me take this one away for you!


Find me also on Instagram, where I write, of course, about food and I show you what I cook.



WhatsApp Image 2023-01-30 at 14.22.38.jpeg


Social Media Strategy and Management,

Content Creation, Food Photography, Influencer Marketing, One-to-One Training

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